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Supplying Wholesale Crisps and Biscuits to Businesses throughout Shetland

From wholesale biscuits to snacks like nuts & crisps, we are a trusted confectionery supplier of big brand names like McCoys, Nestle, Tyrell’s, Mars and many more.

Offering realistic minimum order values, flexible ordering and payment methods and delivery direct to your door, if you are looking for wholesale confectionery you need look no further.

Contact us today to get your order started. We are sure you won’t be disappointed!

Our Range of Wholesale Confectionery

Wholesale Snacks

Crisps, Walkers, carded snacks & crisps, nuts

Wholesale Drinks

Bar sundries, bottled waters, cordials, milkshake mix, flavoured water, fruit drinks, fruit juices, presses & organic drinks, smoothies, soft drinks

Increase Your Reach with our Wide Range of Wholesale Confectionery

At Shetland Freezer Foods our aim is to help our customers to make a significant difference to their operations by supplying them with high quality, value for money products that will help them to really increase their profit margin. Through our extensive experience of working in the catering industry we have established that one of the best ways in which to do this is ensuring that our customers have a steady supply of wholesale savoury snacks that they can use as add-ons to capture the customer at the point of purchase.

As one of the UK’s best wholesale confectionery suppliers we provide wholesale biscuits, crisps and snacks to numerous businesses in numerous industries including shops, restaurants, coffee shops and sandwich bars.

If you have been in the catering industry for a while you will know that the sale of impulse goods can make a huge difference to your bottom line, and by utilising the knowledge of experienced confectionary and wholesale chocolate suppliers like Shetland Freezer Foods you will gain quality products that offer a genuinely high return.

For more information on the wholesale biscuits and crisps that we provide, or to place an order simply contact us and let us show you what makes us one of the best confectionery and wholesale chocolate suppliers in the Shetland.